nb: copied from my old blog

We run Kayako fusion over at Host Partners, and one of the issues I have had is dealing with sub-departments.



  • dept1
  • dept2

I do not want customers to be able to to submit tickets to the parent department “GROUP1”,  as this is just a a group/label, but fusion provides no way to stop this as it treats everything as a department., and does not allow to simply treat the parent as a group.

I never found any solution to this, so decided to do it myself, hopefully others may find this useful.

In the template editor, find the template named “submitticket_departments”

Find the following line, right after the first <(foreach block


and replace it with this


This will stop any departments that have sub-departments being selected, even if it is set as the default department. If you also want all the departments to be expanded by default find this line, after the second <(foreach block

and change it to



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