Get paid anywhere with PayPal Here

Accept card and contactless payments easily without monthly fees using just your mobile phone and the PayPal card reader.



I  am now setup with PayPal here, and can provide you with an onsite demo (Kent only) and training in using the card reader. If you do not already have paypal, I can help you setup paypal, a full merchant account if you also need online processing and anything else e-commerce related.

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Accept all types of payments, cards or contactless, including Apple Pay and Android Pay. Payments reach your PayPal account in seconds.

paypal payment types

Accept all types of payments


Smartphone or Smartwatch

Chip & PIN

Magnetic swipe

paypal here contactless

PayPal HERE smartphone payment

PayPal HERE chip and pin

PayPal HERE magnetic stripe


PayPal.Me, your link to getting paid back.

Create your link, share it and start receiving money, Simples!

Use it to split a bill with friends or accept payments from customers. Anyone can use it.


This feature is most definitely very long overdue, and I am frankly surprised it has taken PayPal so long to get this done, it isn’t exactly difficult to do.

Why would you need this?

If you normally deal in cash and you are onsite with a client, but they do not have the cash, you can just send them your

If you normally deal in cash and you are onsite with a client, but they do not have the cash, you can just send them your link, or type it for them on their computer, tablet or phone, and get paid right there on the spot.

Sold something on gumtree, at a car boot sale etc, just send them your link to get payment.

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