Cyber Security and Risk Intelligence

In 2016 there were over 1 billion malware attacks and 54% ok UK companies were hit by ransomware.

If you do not have anyone managing and monitoring your IT systems and do not have any security policies or procedures in place for data storage, passwords, internet usage, email etc, then you are most definitely at risk from malware, ransomware and cyber criminals hacking your systems and stealing your data or even your identity.

Many SME’s will often use a local IT support company or have an “IT GUY”, who provide what is called break-fix support, which means you call them when something breaks, they then come and fix it. This is great for keeping your equipment up and running, but sadly is useless for keeping your systems secure, ongoing security or detecting any issues you may have already as the service they are providing is not pro-active. They will only fix the specific issue you contacted them about and nothing else, so your unseen problems will continue to exist unheeded.

What I can also tell you in my many years of experience dealing with such IT support companies, is that in general most tech support guys are often just as clueless and uneducated when it comes to security as everyone else.


I can perform a full security and risk intelligence audit on all your systems and network to identify any common/known issues.

  • Data risk communicated as financial impact
  • At-risk data discovery
  • Deep vulnerability scanning
    • Missing Windows updates/patches
    • 3rdParty software
    • Malware
  • Risk trending reports
  • Discovery of inappropriate access and alerts
  • PCI and HIPAA compliance scans
  • and more

Locate Sensitive Data across Networks and Workstations

Sensitive data left exposed on systems poses a great risk to your customers. Often, companies amass large amounts of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), including social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card information, and more in dispersed persistent storage. Risk Intelligence roots out sensitive data and potential vulnerabilities no matter where they are stored, providing actionable insights for sensitive data protection so you can mitigate the risk.

Reduce the Risk of Multiple Sources of Attacks

Beyond identifying at-risk data, Risk Intelligence points out the vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach. Whether a customer’s biggest risks come from email or from malicious web downloads, Risk Intelligence will help you tighten your security where you need it most.

View sample risk intelligence report.

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