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I will take the following steps to improve the speed and performance of your WordPress website.

  • Implement server side caching and file compression
  • Minify CSS and JS
  • Enable browser caching
  • Compress images *
  • auto resize images *
  • Check for plugin performance issues
  • Implement CloudFlare proxy/CDN **
  • Perform gtmetrix and pingdom scans

Please note that a common bottleneck causing performance issues is the hosting, in which case the only way to resolve this will be to move your site to a better, WordPress optimised hosting provider. I can do this for you, but this does incur an additional cost.

Please note that my WordPress maintenance plans do also include fast WordPress optimised shared hosting at no additional cost.

* I will only use free image compression and auto resizing tools. If you want the best compression/speed possible then there is a cost involved. You can either purchase a premium plan yourself, see here or do it through me.

* Does not include any manual image resizing, since this can potentially be many hours of work if there are a lot of images. I will set a max image size and auto resize very large images down to this max limit, but this may not be sufficient if your original web designer did not size images properly and there are a lot of oversized images in use. If this is an issue I will let you know after performing a performance audit.

** use of Cloudflare requires changing your DNS name servers, you will also need to sign up for a cloudflare account.
Note, I do include Cloudflare with my Managed WordPress plans, which I manage and maintain on your beha;f through my own Cloudflare account.

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