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More ways to get paid with PayPal

Get paid anywhere with PayPal Here Accept card and contactless payments easily without monthly fees using just your mobile phone and the PayPal card reader.   I  am now setup with PayPal here, and can provide you with an onsite demo (Kent only) and...

Convert VMDK to VirtualBox VDI and compact disk

I have been testing out  Solarwinds MSP backup, and one of the features this has is that you can restore the backup to a virtual disk, which is in VMware vmdk format. I have tended to use Oracle VirtualBox locally for my virtual machines since it is compatible with a...

WIFI problems caused by windows update

I have been having some WIFI problems the last couple of months where devices would randomly lose access to the internet, some devices couldn't even connect to the WIFI access point, others could connect but were just slow as hell. Even wired devices seemed to be...

Cyber Security: How to protect your kids online

To be blunt  (no insult intended),  most parents are not very computer literate and as a result are also oblivious the dangers of letting their kids loose on the Internet. This is not specifically because you are parents but simply a statistic based on research that...

Add MariaDB support to MSP Control

I have recently been setting up MSP Control (formerly WebsitePanel) on my new CFML Developer server. Unfortunately, it doesn't support MariaDB out of the box and so won't detect if you have it installed. Fortunately, this is an easy hack. Open up your MSPControl...

Review: Uhans U200

A couple of months ago I decided to bite the bullet and get rid of my Windows Phone and switch back to Android, I donated my Nokia Lumia 930 to my son.  While I liked Windows Phone, and I do prefer the GUI, there were just too many niggling issues and bugs and those...

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