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Keeping WordPress updated with Installatron

As everyone knows by now, the biggest reason for hacked WordPress Websites is lack of maintenance, resulting in vulnerabilities caused by out of date WordPress core, plugins and themes. IT is critical to keep your WordPress installation up to date as well as all your...

My Facebook account was disabled, WTF?

I got a big shock this week, I went to login to my facebook account only to be met with the dreaded "Account disabled" message.Why the heck had my account been disabled? I was very confused at first since I had received no warning or notifications and I could not...

Litespeed Cache issues on WordPress Multisite

So I fairly recently moved all my WordPress websites to Guru (which I am happy with BTW) who use LiteSpeed server. As a result I also switched over to the Litespeed cache plugin. This was working fine for about 1 month, then I started getting some weird and unwanted...

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