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Free tips for improving your WiFi

Dodgy WIFI signals are a royal PITA, and with so many devices in your home now using WIFI, such as phones, tablets, Fire TV, PC's, printers, every bit of speed matters.  While none of the tips in this article are new, most of them can all be carried out for free or...

Drugging your kids to make them behave is not the solution

Proving once again that medication is not the answer to getting inattentive kids to do well in school, four Fort Worth area public schools are finding success with the LiiNK program. This revolutionary approach to schooling and counteracting ADHD is based on the idea that offering kids more unstructured play can help them focus and do better in the classroom.

It seems silly to label the concept of allowing kids to be kids as “revolutionary,” but we have gotten so far away from letting children enjoy life that the idea is indeed raising a lot of eyebrows. In fact, some teachers in the school districts involved initially resisted the idea because they feared they would be unable to teach the children everything they needed to learn in the amount of time available until they saw the results.  Although this again is another case of common sense not kicking in, since how much of that time do teachers actually spend teaching vs dealing with disruption and bad behaviour.

The Truth about WordPress Security

  One of the services I provide is managed WordPress websites, and a common negative comment I hear from people is about WordPress security, claiming “WordPress is not secure.”. More often than not these words of misplaced warning come from other web designers or IT...

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