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Does using SSL make my website secure?

The short answer to the question, does using SSL make my website secure is NO, but it is important to understand why and what SSL actually does, so read on. The biggest misconception by website owners is that an SSL certificate will make their website secure from hackers and malware, which is not true. This stems from a lack of understand about what makes a website secure versus not secure. For example, since July 24th 2018, websites that do not use SSL certificates were marked “Not Secure” in...

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Lets Encrypt vs Paid SSL Certificates

In an age where internet security is more important than ever, it’s vital to let people know that your site is safe to use. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a type of website encryption key that encrypts data between the visitor's browser and the server. Fortunately, there are many different SSL options you can use. Let’s Encrypt is a free and open-source Certificate Authority (CA) that offers SSL certificates to anyone who has a domain name. Paid SSLs offer the...

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How to reliably send email from your website

Solving email delivery problems Almost all websites need to send out emails for one reason or another, the most common reason being your contact form, but there are plenty of other emails which website owners often do not consider when checking email deliverability, such as:- Notifications to your blog or newsletter subscribers. Plugin notificationsNotifications, warnings or reports from your security pluginscomments on blog postsRegister emailsPassword reset emails There are many issues which...

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Keeping WordPress updated with Installatron

As everyone knows by now, the biggest reason for hacked WordPress Websites is lack of maintenance, resulting in vulnerabilities caused by out of date WordPress core, plugins and themes. IT is critical to keep your WordPress installation up to date as well as all your themes and plugins, failing to do so will result in your website having vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can take advantage of to get access to your website, install malware, redirect your traffic, use your site to DDOS other...

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Litespeed Cache issues on WordPress Multisite

So I fairly recently moved all my WordPress websites to Guru (which I am happy with BTW) who use LiteSpeed server. As a result I also switched over to the Litespeed cache plugin. This was working fine for about 1 month, then I started getting some weird and unwanted behavior, probably after installing updates. On every single page on my site (this one) I was getting a background image inserted that was nothing to do with my site at all as well as some other random layout and menu issues. I...

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How to fix WordPress “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance”

So you have most likely performed an update on your WordPress site, which has resulted in your site being down with the message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute”. Don’t panic as this error is fairly easy to fix, read on to find out how. What causes this error? Whenever you perform an update in WordPress, such as updating a theme or plugin, WordPress automatically puts itself into maintenance mode. And during this maintenance mode, it displays the “Briefly...

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Review of guru.co.uk WordPress hosting

GURU is another host which I am seeing recommended more often on my WordPress groups, as usual with lots of positive feed and great reviews on Trustpilot, but nowhere near as much as the likes of SiteGround, which is easily the most popular recommendation. So in my quest to find something better than SiteGround, Guru were next on my list.

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WPX Hosting Review

I have been considering moving on from Siteground when my yearly hosting expires (read my siteground review) and decided to give wpx hosting a try, so here is my wpx hosting review.

Wpx hosting seem to have almost too good to be true reputation, with positive reviews everywhere and they boast that they have superior WordPress performance and support compared to all other WP hosts, and the reviews do seem to concur, especially this one.

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Are you sharing sentitive data & passwords on freelancer websites?

As a freelancer/consultant I use freelancer sites like PeoplePerHour or upwork to get gigs. One of the issues evident in every job I have done is the disregard for security. Most IT or web related jobs done on PPH are going to involve the exchange of sensitive data, which is required in order to do the job. Clients will gladly share everything with multiple freelancers without a second thought, including their logins for control panels, hosting accounts, domain registrars, website and...

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Adobe Business Catalyst Migration

If you’re a customer of Adobe Business Catalyst, you may be surprised and concerned at their recent announcement that the all-in-one CMS will be discontinued on 26th March 2020, along with Adobe Muse. While Adobe revised the closure date to 26th March 2021 after feedback from businesses to allow more time for the changeover, the fact remains that those using the platform need to start making plans soon to ensure a smooth transition without disruption to their online businesses. Whilst Adobe...

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