Russ Michaels

I.T. Consultant & Super Dad

Using your Phone as a SatNav could get you fined

I am sure you are aware by now that using your mobile phone for while driving is illegal. But you may not realise that using it for sat nav directions could get you in trouble are well, I was not aware of this until today either. There’s a right way and a wrong way to...

The incompetence of Xbox support

Dealing with XBOX Support and Microsoft support, in general, is almost always a painful experience, especially if you are a technical person yourself. Very rarely have I dealt with someone  who actually seems to know what they are talking about and is actually able to...

More ways to get paid with PayPal

Get paid anywhere with PayPal Here Accept card and contactless payments easily without monthly fees using just your mobile phone and the PayPal card reader.   I  am now setup with PayPal here, and can provide you with an onsite demo (Kent only) and...

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