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I.T. Consultant & Super Dad

How to update WebsitePanel services/providers

If you upgrade Windows or any of the software on your server, there is unfortunately no easy way to apply these changes within WebsitePanel, which means it will often break if it is still using the old service/provider. The video below shows you how to make the...

O2 and the phone of doom

You may recall from my earlier post "O2 customer service driving me insane" that I have not been having a very good experience with O2 support/customer service of late, and sadly things have not improved and if I had any hair then I would certainly be tearing it out...

Linux can be hacked using only the backspace key

As any I.T. person will know, Linux geeks consider Linux to be the most secure OS on the planet, and many will even claim it is so secure and un-hackable that they do not need any malware protection or such. So it is ironic that a Linux hack has now been discovered...

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