CFML Developer

This is a servive I have been providing since 1999 offering FREE developer hosting space for ColdFusion, Railo and now Lucee.


A project I launched in 2013 which allows you to do realtime testing of CFML code against ColdFusion and Railo/Lucee. Just type your code into the form and click run.
Using this you can quickly test if your code works as expected on both engines, check execution times, view debugging output and even prettify your code using syntax highlighting.
This is handy if you do not have both CFML engines installed locally, or do not have access to a server (you may be on your mobile device) or just want to test something quick before posting on a forum or discussion list.


A CFML search engine based on google CSE, I have tried to index all the main CF related resources in one place.
I decided to let this project die.

CFMail Automatic Re-spooler

When mail fails to deliver it will site in the undelivr folder unless someone deletes it or respools it. Mail that is actually invalid will just keep ending up back in undelivr.
This handy custom extension for your coldfusion administrator will automatically respool your mail every x minutes/hours until the file is y hours old, if it still has not delivered then it will be deleted.

CFDump JS Alternative

CFDUMP requires CreateObject(java) which is often disabled on shared hosting or perhaps you need to disable it on your own server but still use CFDump. This alternative custom tag gives you the functionality of CFDUMP using Javascript instead by converting CF to JSON.
Note that this is only good for generating dumps to the browser. If you wanted to create a CFDump on the server and put it into an email, then this will not help you.
You can try it out at where I have used it to replace the original cfdump tag.

See here for more details.

HELM to WHMCS client migration tool.

A tool for migrating customer data from HELM3 to WHMCS.