Margate Community Fibre Partnership

Join my community fibre partnership to get faster broadband in Margate

You are no doubt here because you want faster broadband speed. You are not alone, Kent is still lagging behind other parts of the country and does not have access to the best or latest broadband technology and we are still limited by the copper phone lines from the cabinets to our homes and offices. The average speed in areas which can even receive fibre to the cabinet at all is 10 – 25 Mbit.

While this may be sufficient for small offices and households, it is not good enough for larger businesses or medium to large families with kids and many connected devices, all watching streaming media such as Netflix and youtube and playing online games all at the same time, you very quickly run out of bandwidth.

With more people now working from home, the need for faster fibre broadband to the home (FTTH) has become even more urgent.

Community Fibre Partnerships

Helping more communities to provide faster broadband

No fibre broadband or want to go faster? A Community Fibre Partnership can change this.

Connecting communities to fast fibre broadband

BT say they are working hard to improve their network to get faster fibre broadband to as many people in the UK as they can. But there are some areas which they don’t currently have any plans to upgrade, including Thanet, or areas they have upgraded to fibre where people want to have an even faster internet connection. This is obviously frustrating for those of us affected, but BT do offer a solution – it is called Community Fibre Partnership.

What is a Community Fibre Partnership?

BT work with local communities to build a customised fibre solution to bring fibre broadband to homes and businesses. They put a joint funding arrangement in place, which means they contribute some of the costs and your community funds the rest.

They will then build the most affordable solution they can to meet our needs. BT will also advise on any grants & funding we might be able to get to help pay for our part e.g. from local authorities or the Government

So the more people who join, the cheaper it will be and the more likely it will happen.

I am primarily looking for participants in the CT9 area, as this is my local community, if you live in a different postcode, you might want to consider starting you own community partnership.

Once I have enough participants, I will submit the details to BT openreach for their consideration.

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