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I accept sponsored backlinks and guest posts on any of the sites listed below.

Please complete the below form to submit your request. Once the ad has been confirm, I will send an invoice via paypal.

Note the following conditions.

  • All links will be thoroughly verified. I will not link to any pages/sites that contain malware, scams, spyware, domains which are blacklisted or anything remotely dodgy or illegal.
  • Any guest post content should be appropriate for the site you wish to post on.
  • All guest posts will be marked  with the authors name.
  • No links to direct competitors

Available Sites

Domain Categories UR DR Backlink Guest Post
michaels.me.uk IT, web design, WordPress, security, parenting 32 53 £50 £75
zenmsp.uk IT, managed services, security, hosting 23 29 £30 £50
managedwp.uk WordPress, web design 43 31 £30 £50
foodbooking.uk food delivery, restaurants, takeaways, online food ordering, 44 47 £20 £75
thanetbookkeeping.com Accounting, bookkeeping 13 1 na FREE
domainadmintools.com IT, security web design, databases, domain names, DNS, hosting, coding, web tools, websites 29 13 £20 FREE

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