SalsaI have been experimenting with making my own salsa lately since I find the supermarket salsa quite lame in just about every respect.

The final conclusion of my experiments is that making your own salsa is so ridiculously easy and so much better, I will never be buying a jar of ready made salsa ever again.

My basic ingredients for 1 portion:-

  • Half a tin of Good quality chopped tomatoes, preferably Italian.
  •  1 tap black pepper (I like lime pepper)
  • salt (I like chipotle rock salt)
  • Jalapeños (the ones in jars)
  • Piquant peppers
  • Garlic
  • 1 tbsp chopped Coriander leaves (fresh is better but not essential)
  • A couple of thick slices of onion.

Quantities of piquant peppers and jalapeños will depend on your taste how spicy you like it. I like it pretty spicy and I use 4-5 slices of jalapeños and 4-5 piquant peppers  and one garlic clove.

stick it all in your food processor and pulse it. You don’t want it puréed, you want to keep it at least a little chunky, how much again depends on taste. I like it at relish consistency.

Other ingredients you can experiment with which  work well in salsa

  • Red and green peppers or even sweet peppers
  • Ketchup
  • Different types of chillis
  •  basil
  • Tomatillôs instead of tomatoes for salsa Verde

I also recommend habanero hot boy sauce if you can find it, it has so many uses as a spicy tomato base, including salsa. It is even a  good dip all by itself.

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