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A Parents Guide to Cyberbullying

An Introduction to Cyberbullying. Digital technology is quickly becoming ubiquitous in our society. The vast majority of individuals now travel with at least one device on their person. This has its advantages, as people can gain access to real time information as...

Why is all my text suddenly aligned right?

So I had this problem occur for the first time recently, I was trying to fill in a form on a web page and all the text was suddenly aligned right inside the form fields, and I was like WFT?  how did that happen? I went searching through my browser settings looking for...

Hosting Review: SiteGround

Back in 2017 I decided to give SiteGround a try due to all the great reviews they have on TrustPilot and elsewhere, so I thought it was a safe bet, but sadly the opposite turned out to be true. I was given wrong advice right from the outset, the hosting plan they had...

Tech support scams on the rise

A typical technical support scam works like this: 1. A user receives a phone call, claiming to come from Microsoft or your ISP, claiming that a security problem has been found on their network or computer. One trick fraudster may use to gain a less technically savvy...

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