Why is all my text suddenly aligned right? 3 Tech Stuff

So I had this problem occur for the first time recently, I was trying to fill in a form on a web page and all the text was suddenly aligned right inside the form fields, and I was like WFT?  how did that happen? I went searching through my browser settings looking for some option which would cause this but found nothing, this really had me stumped for a while, I even googled it, and found loads of other confused people with the same issue, but no solution.

And then I found the cause quite by accident in the right-click context menu on google chrome.

Why is all my text suddenly aligned right? 4 Tech Stuff

Clearly, this option has always been there, and I must have inadvertently changed it, or one of my kids or the cat did, but for some reason, this option has gone unnoticed for a lot of people, myself included, r maybe I have never right-clicked inside a form field before.

Hopefully, this revelation will help anyone else who finds themselves in this situation 🙂

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