Mango Blog was great for the few years I have used it, but it rarely gets any updates (only 1 in the 3 years I have used it I think)  and what few plugins there are, many of them are dead, and the rest are not being maintained or updated either.
The cfformProtect anti-spam plugin seems to be failing more and more, I have not even been able to post on the mango blog forums for the last couple of years as cfformprotect wont let me, despite informing laura many time, this has never been fixed. So I can only assume other must be having this same issue on sites running mango blog are probably losing comments due to people being unable to post.

Sadly I couldn’t really find any good reason to stick with Mango other than misguided support for CF just for the sake of it. I have been using WordPress for just about everything else I do for several years now, and it really is a no brainer in most cases as it effortlessly does everything you need with its plethora of plugins and then some.

So I have finally bit the bullet and moved my blog to WordPress as well.

Moving all my content from my old blog is proving to be a chore, there is no easy way to do this, the rss import is the closest I came, but it doesn;t import the images and mango doesn’t show all posts on the rss feed either. So I will have to keep the old blog online as well until I find a way to do this or write a tool that does it for me.

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