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Parents Beware! Microsoft Family Safety is broken, your kids are not protected.

Like many parents, I have been using Microsoft Family Safety on my kids computers for several years now to keep them safe online by restricting what websites they can view, blocking adult content, restrict what apps they can use etc. I also used family safety to control my kids screen time, so that they could not spend all day/night on the computer frying their brains and eyesight, or use it after bedtime. By default, we gave all our kids ZERO screen time each day, and then used the...

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How to get help with Windows 10: from Microsoft

Having problems with  windows 10, need help, did you know that windows 10 has a built in support app to connect you to Microsoft support. Now I  wouldn't recommend you resort to this app immediately with every trivial issue, but if you just can't find the help you need anywhere else,  Microsoft has provided this app called 'Contact Support to assist you. This app gives you an easy way to contact Microsoft's Windows Support when needed. The easiest way to access the app is to type "Contact...

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Will my pc run Windows 10 ?

In case you missed it, Windows 10 Technical Preview has actually been out for quite a while now, and if you have a spare old computer or the ability to run a virtual machine, then you might want to give it a try, especially if you are an avid hater of the Windows 8 start screen 🙂 I have been running it for a few weeks now and it has been stable so far and has certainly got rid of those Windows 8 niggles, but one of big questions I had before I started, was what are the hardware requirements,...

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