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Major CPU security flaws affecting ALL computer systems

Meltdown and Spectre are the names of two serious security flaws that have been found within computer processors. They could allow hackers to steal sensitive data without users knowing, one of them affecting chips made as far back as 1995. What are Meltdown and Spectre? Meltdown is a security flaw that could allow hackers to bypass the hardware barrier between applications run by users and the computer’s core memory, which is normally highly protected. Spectre is slightly different. It...

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Security patches not being rolled out to Windows 7 & 8

Microsoft is silently patching security bugs in Windows 10, and not immediately rolling out the same updates to Windows 7 and 8, potentially leaving hundreds of millions of computers at risk of attack. Flaws and other programming blunders that are exploitable by hackers and malware are being quietly cleaned up and fixed in the big Windows 10 releases – such as the Anniversary Update and the Creator's Update. But this vital repair work is only occurring slowly if at all, filtering back down to...

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Parents Beware! Microsoft Family Safety is broken, your kids are not protected.

Like many parents, I have been using Microsoft Family Safety on my kids computers for several years now to keep them safe online by restricting what websites they can view, blocking adult content, restrict what apps they can use etc. I also used family safety to control my kids screen time, so that they could not spend all day/night on the computer frying their brains and eyesight, or use it after bedtime. By default, we gave all our kids ZERO screen time each day, and then used the...

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Windows 8 : unable to access pc settings or native metro apps

This has happened to me twice now on 2 different systems, where the whole Windows 8 metro (or modern as they now call it) interface seems to have gone kaput. I have been unable to launch any of the native metro apps, they would open and then immediately close, leaving only the icon in the taskbar on the desktop. I followed every single suggestion on every single website, blog and forum, but nothing worked. The first time it happened I resorted to re-installing windows, but last time it...

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Converting from Android to Windows Phone

Until now I have always been an Android user, we have had a few android phones with my last one being a Samsung galaxy note and my wife's a Samsung galaxy s3 and It was always pretty decent OS with the first phones and even my galaxy note when I first got it with android 4.1, but since I upgraded to 4.2 everything wen't downhill. It now runs ok with nothing installed, but as soon as I install some apps, it runs like crap and I have had to install memory and battery booster apps to kill...

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